Friday, December 26, 2008

Still have people to buy for? Check out Kmart for gifts under $25

Do you still have folks coming in for the holidays? Have to get your gifts for them but have no idea what to get? I am going to send you over to Kmart because trust me they have some perfect gifts, many under 25 dollars.

Here are some ideas for last minute gifts from Kmart:

Have a person who needs a great time piece? Check out the Armitron Sports Men's watch at just $19.99. It has more functions than I can count!! Or is there a lady on your list who would love a nice set of PJ's? Well how about this sweet set , Pink K Rayon Sleepwear at just $9.99!

Have kids coming with your visitors? Kmart has the Xbox 360 Arcade System for just $199 and some awesome games to go with the system such as Mirra FreeStyle BMX 2 PH for just $9.99! The kids will be able to sit and enjoy each other and you all while having a great time.

There also tools that come under $25 like the Craftsmen 23 inch Hand Tool Box, and knowing men and their tools they are always looking for a new tool box. There are so many wonderful gifts that you can pick up for under $25 but also for many different price ranges. So if you are looking for some great gifts for that last minute guest, check out Kmart first.


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