Monday, December 29, 2008

Waterwheel trail

Waterwheel trail
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Happy New Years!!!!

Okay so its a few days early, but it is nice to say it early, lets you enjoy it more. I can not believe it, 2009. I was born in the early part of the 1960's and I can clearly recall thinking in school that by the year 2000 we would all be driving hover type craft instead of cars and living in pods. I loved reading Ray Bradbury what an influence he was on young minds.

Now I am just grateful to be able to come here to my blog's and leave my thoughts and a random photograph from the great folks who post at Flickr.
This one grabbed my attention because as we come up on the new year with all things shiny and full of promise, the road in the photo seems to be full of hope as well. You do not get to see what is past the bend, but that is w hat a full life is like, you never know what is going to come up next!

I am grateful to God for all He has provided my family and I. Great friends, a warm home and all my children are in perfect health. God is truly great indeed.

I have not been very welcoming to Him on my blog's, not intentionally but rather not having been comfortable with the circumstances I have been dealing with.

I have recently come to understand the the greatest thing God has done for me is given me a place to come and praise Him for all he does. I am comforted to know that no matter what happens, He is not surprised and has already provided my way out of it.

As the new year comes may all my friends and readers know the peace of God and have the most exciting of years. May you have new experiences, tons of fun and most of all may you have joy.

God Bless

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