Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Miss your favorite tee shirts you wore back in the 80's?

Do you remember the Ghost Busters movie? Remember how cool it was, how just plain fun it was to watch? I miss those times so much. But at least we can relive those times with some really fun tee shirts!
Check out this Ghostbusters Tee from
Crazy Dog t-shirts.
It comes to you at under $19 and right now they provide $4 shipping! I surfed around the website and found a lot of really funny shirts so if your thinking this place is limited in choices you are about to be really surprised!

Tees with graphics seemed to have gone out of style for awhile, back in the 80's we had a shirt for everything. If you were part of a sports team or a fan, you had a shirt. If you hated something you had a shirt. Now you can relive those awesome days by going and getting that favorite tee of your past and wearing it again.

For example, was Asteroids like your all time fav game? Well they have a tee for Asteroids. Remember with fondness the movie Goonies? Yep, they have that shirt as well. Or was Golden Girls your nightly watch, well then go buy a tee from Crazydog Tees and show your Golden Girl Pride.
They have Mario shirts, Miami Vice, Knight Rider I could go on and on.... but it is much more fun to just sent you on to the website so you can enjoy your ride back to the 80's or what ever your thing is. You will really be happy you found Crazydog!


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Yxl Ian said...

wow,it looks very cool.I like the Naruto t shirts very much.it's my favourite anime.