Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Naruto Manga Chapter 429

Naruto Manga

There's a pig steamin' pile o' Manga waitin' at OneManga to be read and it won't wait forever, Yes I'm late, people are sometimes Right? Matter of fact who isn't, so lets say I'm starting a trend...


This weeks Naruto Manga is Entitled: Pain , and if you want to be caught up and not talkin' about last weeks Manga this week my "Very Late Update", is you perfect Chance and this Link to Onemanga is you Chapel.

(^ Page 08)

(Page 09 >)

And for this weeks video choice here is Episode 89 for your viewing pleasure, I love that I can embed vid's here :=) I hope you enjoy!!!!

Merry Christmas to all , and Happy New Year!!!!!

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