Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The First Gift of Christmas was a Child.

Do you recall the best gift you ever got on Christmas as a child? I do, Beyer Horses. I loved horses and still do, but that year I was a young 8 year old child who had dreams of being the greatest jockey to ever ride a horse. I grew too tall but was able to work in a stable on Long Island for a bit and really got a feel for what could have been.

As an adult I have to say now that the greatest gift I can ever get on Christmas is to see my own children happy, healthy and safe every day of the year, not just on Christmas. My children mean so much to me, and to see their smiles each day is like medicine for my soul.

I often think about how I can better prepare my children for a great future, one full of love, joy and good health. I have found that many different things can be done to insure good health such as vitamins and good food and exercise. But some times there will be a reason to have a more radical move towards ensuring their good health, and stem cells are such a way. I say radical only because it is such a new process, the taking of stem cells. There is a way to take a mothers stem cells from her Menstrual cycle and bank them for future use.

This process is both safe and easy to do, as you will see from this web page at Celle. And these banked stem cells from the menstrual cycle can be used for many family members, not just your children. This process can benefit your siblings, parents and close family members. The process of collecting the cells seems to be easy to do, after joining the Celle Program you are given a Collection Kit which has all you will need to collect the cells and send them to Celle via a prepaid FedEx package. It is all discreet so no worries about the process being made public in any way.

Your stem cells will then be banked safely at Celle for your future use. What a wonderful gift to give not only yourself but family members should the need ever arise. I can think of no better way to help protect our loved ones than by using this process which is not only safe but is a sound medical practice.

What I would really love to know is how you feel about the banking of your own Menstrual Cells for future use. Do you think this may be a good way of ensuring a future protection for your family in a medical emergency? I would really love to know what you think about Stem Cell Banking with C'Elle.


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