Friday, January 9, 2009

Magnext Virtual... a very cool new online game world

MagNext Virtual is the newest online game world with a totally new twist! Imagine a futuristic space theme park where you as the player are these very cool pinball type play pieces.

There are a few worlds that allow for play against others, but I am not that great at those types of games, I need lots of practice :-). It took me almost a year to learn how to play Mario. But the world I did like was the iCoaster, now this is a game that I can play and actually win!

You match the missing pieces of the roller coaster track before your ball falls off. If you miss one, it is cool because you get three chances to replace the correct match in the shape of the missing track. I really liked this arena a lot, check it out in my screenshot ~

This online game is one my youngest boy loves as he is a total fan of some of the other toys they make, such as the Dragons. He must have a couple of dozen by now. So he was very interested in this game arena and said he will be playing it this weekend. I like the online world because it is a place the children can go, play against other kids and not have to be seeing a lot of violent game play and the games make the kids think in order to participate. That is always a good thing! Another neat thing is you can get points called magz, and you can get the neatest paint jobs for your little game ball. It is a totally interactive world for kids to just have a good time playing in.

So I suggest you check Magnext Virtual out, I think you will have a lot of fun. And kids, you get extra magz if you get your friends to sign up ( with Mom and Dads permission of course) by using their email address!


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