Thursday, December 18, 2008

Try a great online game that is really fun

Hey do you want to try a Fun game online? One that is Free ? Well I was introduced to a game place that is much like Gaia in that you can move about the world, play games, meet other kids and chat but it is all safe! Your parents have to sign you in of course, but this is a game world that they will really like alot!

It is called, and you can play any sport you can think of, from Basketball to Baseball to Skateboarding! The worlds are cool too. I signed up for my kids to check it out and choose the sand area ( my favorite since we come from California and there is a lot of skateboarding going on out there) and just like in Gaia you have to save up points to get stuff but the prices seem to be okay.


This is a Safe game to play because there is moderation, if you see something you are not comfortable with you can click the whistle icon on the bottom of the screen and report it to the mods! This is totally important for parents to know and it will make them feel good about the kids hanging out here.

Bottom line is, this is a neat world for us sports buffs to hang out in, meet new friends and have fun. Its a nice to see sports being integrated into online activity and this website is partnered with the, the and


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