Thursday, April 30, 2009

IceBloc - the new dynamic duo of hip hop

The new hip hop artists Icebloc are really pretty good. At first you think, okay heard this sound before like a dozen times. But then I listened to the song for a few more times and began to hear the subtle things about their voices that makes this duo something to watch very carefully. Go their website and give a listen to Put It In The Air, more than one time too.  The group is really J. Keyes ( John Keyes), and Vito ( Vernon Norfleet) a boy from Louisiana and  boy from the south part of DC who  hit it off together with dope lyrics.

While I really do not like most hip hop artists, the thing that grabbed me in was that the lyrics are trying to say something, not the empty woman hating lack of judgment lyrics I normally hear. They strike me just like one rapper I really do admire, Ludacris so they are worthy of a few downloads from the album KrankMuzik (love that name) for the Zune if I can find them.

They get some great reviews in some high end places, such as DIGSTATION, if I were you I would check out their website and MySpace page and let their sound get into your soul, you may end up liking them a whole bunch. I do.


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