Saturday, March 15, 2008

Naruto Shippuden Episode 50 Manga Chapter 393

The Newest Naruto Manga Is Out and its Translated.
Entitled "My Eye!"...No really...Well I think It was pretty Good So you guys Should Go Read It!^-^
And You guys can DownLoad It from NarutoFan Or Read It From. . .

The Naruto Shippuden Episode 050
Entitled "Picturebook tells a story"
And it can be Downloaded From Naruto Fan Or just Watch It on Youtube.
Episode Info:

*Possible Spoilers*
As Team Kakashi continues with its mission, Naruto suddenly collapses due to his previous injuries. As Naruto rests, Sai begins to reveal more about his brother but Orochimaru attacks the duo. Sakura and Yamato come to Naruto's aid to defend against Orochimaru, while Sai searches for Sasuke. Soon after, Yamato finds Sai's bingo book with Sasuke listed as a target for assassination.

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