Saturday, March 22, 2008

Naruto Uzumaki:Shippuden

Name Meaning
:Uzumaki;WhirlPool-Naruto;Maelstrom Or Steamed Fish-Paste cake
Hidden Village:Konohagakure
Squad:Team Kakshi
Age:12-13 (Naruto)15(Shippuden)
Signature Abilities:
Kage Bunshin no Jutsu(Shadow Clone Jutsu),Oiroke No Jutsu(Sexy Jutsu)
Features:Loves Ramen,Has A crush On Sakura Haruno
Quote:"I never Go Back On My Word,Thats My way Of The Ninja!"
Naruto Uzumaki: A genin From Konohagakure ,A young Boy with The Nine-Tailed Fox(Kyuubi) Deep With-in Him.Not Long After Naruto Was Born The Kyuubi Attacked Konoha,To stop The Demon Fox The Fourth Hokage Was Forced To Imprison The Kyuubi Into The Young Naruto,As Naruto Grew Up The Adults Of the Village Saw him as The Demon fox Itself And Treated Him Like He was Below Them And This was Passed to Their Children,Who Also Looked Down at Him.Growning Up Naruto Did not Have friends And Family ,The First Person To Acknowledge Him Was Iruka Umino ,Then When Naruto Became A ninja He joined Team Kakashi with Sasuke Uchiha A boy Who Seeks Revenge On His Brother For the Assasination Of his Family,Sakura Haruno A girl With A crush On sasuke And Will Stop At nothing To Impress Him, And Kakashi Hatake,-After They Went Through some Hard Missions Including The Attack of the Konoha From OrochiMaru And Some Easy Missions,Sasuke Saw Himself Not progressing At all So in search of Power Joined the ranks Of Orochimaru.
Naruto Left konoha to train with Jariya, and be able to search for His Friend, To Fulfill A promise He Made To Sakura.
Two years 1/2 Later Naruto Has Finished training and Returned To Konoha
For the first Time And starts his search for Sasuke...

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