Sunday, September 28, 2008

Want to know more about Stem Cells?

Did you know that you can get Stem Cells from your babies umbilical cord? And did you know that these cells are known to treat over 70 diseases? Think about what the current research will provide for the future of Stem Cell Therapies!

It is not a painful procedure as the cord is cut seconds after the child is born and most times is kept by the hospitals anyway. There is no contact or connection to the mother and child after the cord is cut and stored, so collecting the stem cells are completely safe.

If you want to know more about Stem Cell Collection from the babies Umbilical Cord, just go to Cryo and there you can read all the literature they have available. And if you are at the website before the end of September there is a Cryo-Cell Cord Blood Bank Special Promotion to participate in.

As the mom of children I now wish I had had this opportunity to keep my children's stem cells, its the best gift a parent can give besides our love. If you are seeking more information about this banking of stem cells you can call the Certified Child Birth Educator provided by Cryo-cell at 1-800-stor-cell. Cryo-cell not only leads the way in Stem Cell Banking, they also provide a service to each parent in educating us about this means of protecting our children against diseases.

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