Sunday, September 21, 2008 ~ Where Your Dream Home is Waiting For You.

I sit each day for at least an hour or more at the end of my work day and I read over two websites that are specifically about Real Estate. Both do daily searches for me in the state of California, and both return with beautiful homes each day for sale! And while I love each home I view, I have not once found a home that is truly what I am seeking. Some have come really close but never once has a house been the "one" for me, my dream house.

I think it is time to really consider building my house here on my land now. At least this way I can have it be exactly what I want and it will be new. As I am not an architect I needed to find a place to get some plans for different homes so I can have a clear idea of what I want and do not want. From personal experience I know most house plans from the Architect are some where between 50.00 and 100.00 and up per set of plans. While would love to have a professional architect and crew do my new home for me, I know the costs will just mean I have to cut back on some additions in the home and I do not want to do that.
Well with you can just skip the Professional Architect and their fees and start the important things, like picking theHouse Plans for your dream home!

The first set of plans I looked at was the Country House Plans, which sports a few pages of different style homes. My favorite is the a gorgeous brick Country style, two floors and 4 bedrooms! Another great section of homes to look at is the log home floor plans. There are at least 10 pages of plans in this one category alone to choose from! So if your in the market or just beginning your journey to Home Ownership, give a thought to building it yourself and if you think your comfortable with that, you definitely have to go to for the greatest selection of House Plans on the Internet!

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