Sunday, September 21, 2008

Promax High Protien Bars - Great Taste and 70 Calories

There is a lot of medical evidence to suggest that higher protein foods will not only help you get through your day, but also internally in the long run. What better reason could there be to make sure and have higher Protein foods each day? Well, your hair , skin and nails will love you for it, trust me!

Well Promax makes a great line of healthy snack bars that will satisfy most folks urges for great tasting snacks. And if your in need of high protein bars .Promax offers a great bar that has only 70 calories and none of the added ingredients found in many commercial bars. I know that if I could simply have a good breakfast of about 200 calories and then have one or two of these protien bars during the day by the time dinner rolls around I wont be as hungry, and maybe I can finally lose some weight!

So Go to and check out their entire line of goods, I am sure you will find some thing for everyone in your household!Your family will thank you for finding a great tasting bar to snack on , and you will rest easy knowing that the family is not consuming a ton of empty calories because the Promax bar is an all natural energy bar made of high quality ingredients.

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